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Strabo Pathfinder is a PC based program that provides a means for robots to easily navigate throughout buildings. It is a HTTP compliant server that will provide the robot with the information it needs to navigate from one point in the building to another with some knowledge of the building itself. A map of the building is created by the user. Interesting objects and locations can be identified. When the robot askes for directions they are returned by the Strabo server in the form of a list of steps. Because most languages can use HTTP calls, this program will enhance any robotic system by allowing it to roam around by setting waypoints and making a bee line for them, while avoiding known obstacles along the way. New obstacles can be tagged and even moving objects can be used. Though Strabo runs under the windows operation system, the robot can access it via a wireless network. The robot can be written in just about any language and only has to be able to talk HTTP to talk to the server. Current limitations are: Map is limited to 60 feet on a side. This is not really a problem since neighboring maps can be dynamically loaded when getting near a map border.

Description: PC based robotic navigation system

This project has the following developers:

  • davee is a Lead Developer.
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