Project info for Navigator

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Navigator has no website yet. Any ideas where I can get a free website maker? Features: BasicX Development board with serial lcd and BasicX-24p Another BasicX-24 Hitachi HD44780 LCD light sensor Devantech SRF04 (in construction) Devantech SRFo8 (in construction) Devantech Speech SP03 (in construction) Sharp GP2D12 (in construction) Maxsonar EZ1(in construction) Navigator is still in construction just started on July 25th 2006. Double layers made of wood. 1 layer for circuitry and one for lcd, speaker etc. Also a sensor board between them. If anybody has ideas or tips for this is my first robot please put them on the blogroll.

Description: 2 layered robot controlled by 2 BasicX microcontrollers

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