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Hi i'm 13 and I've been working on a new robot design. This will be my third design. Magellan 1.0 was built on a tank platform and used a Basic Stamp 2e. Then I decided to design a newer robot with more features, this robot had speech recognition and voice synthesis. Magellan 2.0 was supposed to be powered by a MC68HC11 E1 processor and a Laptop computer, but I didn't have the cash to build him. My new design(Magellan 3.0) is cheaper to build and still sophisticated. Instead of using a Bot Board 2 on this project I will design my own Robot Board containing most of the same componants of the BB2 but also have space for a Basic Stamp 2p. The main robot functions will be carried out by the 68HC11 but special features like X- 10 home control will be carried out by the BS2p. The new design I making for this robot is also a cheaper approach to building a multi-purpose robot. All the robot electronics, batteries, and sensors will be in an aluminum box(7.5"x4.5"x2.42") and this will be the main robot module. When designing this robot I wanted to make it multi- purpose, for example I wanted a robot house pet, I hated cutting the grass so I wanted it to cut it for me, I also wanted it to vacume the house, and when my family is on vacation turn on lights in different room randomly after dark(unlike timers which turn on lights at a set time every day which people will then notice we're not home). To accomplish all these desired tasks the robot would need a blade for grass, a vacume, wheel base, etc. but that wouldn't be practical becuase who would want a robot with grass on it inside the house afer it just cut the grass(not to mention how big the grass cutting base would be). So I decided to make the robot interchangeable with other different bases I build. I will build a grass cutting base with blade, a carpet vacume base, X-10 House docking station, and normal wheeled base. For future expansion I might build a legged platform son my robot could go up and down stairs.
This project has been canceled!
I've started a new project It will be posted soon!

Description: Robot Magellan Version 3.0

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