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This is my first "from scratch" robotics project. It is currently incomplete.

The original idea for this robot was to create a "thomas the tank engine" sized robot that could pull my son's trains by following a hand drawn line.

I learned a lot from this project and intend to finish it.


  • Run of the mill Infrared Emitter and Detector diodes from Austin Electonics (Local electronics store in Duluth, GA.)
  • Microchip PIC 16F876A microcontroller (28 pin)
  • ULN2801 Darlington Array
  • tinybl serial bootloader
  • Surplus Epson Unipolar stepper motors from All Electronics

As of September 2004, the circuitry is complete. The robot can detect a line and control its motors. To finish the project, all I need to do is make a little chassis, drive train, and attach the wheels.

The project is halted on several grounds.

  • I got interested in hacking Billy Bass
  • The motors are way Way WAY too weak. I built 2 experimental drivetrains to try to compensate for this. There is a quicktime movie on my website of it moving. Be sure to watch it, because whenever I try to demo it live, it rarely works.

Description: A small linefollowing robot built from scratch

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