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K-9 From doctor who. - Pic 16F877a microcontroller @ 20mhz - 1300+ lines of C code - 1 sharp distance sensor - 1 ir detector - 2 pager motors for ears - 2 servos for necko - 2 modified servos for movement (independent tread track) - 1 servo for tail - 2 led's for eyes - 1 speaker - custom built shell - powered by 7.2v 3000 mah This K-9 has extensive autonomous and interactive behaviour. His purpose is to exercise a personality. Unlike robots found on the market, his personality is independent. His goal is not to be a toy for children. His goal is to be more like a real pet. One that has it's own interests and attentions. The programming is structured in a modular form. Which defines Scans, Movements, and Modes. Having actions and assembles of actions split up gives K-9 the ability to make his own decisions. He has full control of assembling his own macro's based on his surroundings. The understanding of his surroundings is stored in X/Y array's that are always considered when making new choices. More information on the website.

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