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Juice is a software tool for the high-level design of robots, particularly robots that walk or use other non- wheeled methods of locomotion. You can add beams to the robot, connect them with hinges and sliders, and then motorize the hinges and sliders to make the robot walk (or slither). An open-source 'dynamics engine' provides realistic physics for whatever sort of robot you create.

Three forms of motorization are currently supported. First, there is a system for creating clockwork-style motions, in which joints are driven by a common "engine." Second, there are feedback motions, in which joints move in response to rolling or pitching movements of other parts of the robot. The former enable the robot to walk around; the latter help it fall over less often. Finally, there is joystick-controlled motion, so you can steer the robot as it walks, help it maintain its balance, and so on. Each joint may be driven by multiple motion sources, so you can combine all three methods to create reasonably lifelike behaviors.

Juice runs under Windows. Due to the computational demands of the simulation and the 3D rendering, it's most fun with a fast computer (1ghz or better) with plenty of free RAM and 3D acceleration. It will run on ~500mhz K6/P2 systems, but not in real time.

I am currently working on my own, and source code is not yet available; I expect to open the source for collaborative work some time in mid-2002.

Description: 3D robot simulation software

This project has the following developers:

  • NateW is a Lead Developer.
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