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A new Nano and Micro robot chassis will be launched soon. The nano chassis is designed for nano robot competitions and robot swarms. It has been designed to be used with the Megabitty robot controller from BittyBot.

INFRARED CONTROL FREAK - a Programmable Robot Sensor module
A new version of Infrared robot gaming module known as Infrared Control Freak LIGHT has just been launched and is now available for shipping.

The IR Control Freak LIGHT is designed especially for proximity detection, Infrared remote control and inter- robot communication. It is designed to offer a new dimension in hobby, eductional robot projects and also for robot competitions. The Infrared Control Freak LIGHT module is interfaced via a serial connection to a robot controller (e.g. Basic Stamp, PICAXE, MEGAbitty, Handyboard, etc). Many Control commands are available, such as:

INFRARED PROXIMITY DETECTION: 180 degree Infrared Proximty detection provided by 3 sensors. The module returns details information on the postion and approximate distance of the obstacle.

FUZZY LOGIC: Fuzzy logic proximty data is available for you to create your own fuzzy logic routines.

INFRARED REMOTE RECEIVER: Infrared remote control - allowing you to take control of your robot using a standard (SIRC) SONY TV remote Infrared controller.

INFRARED REMOTE TRANSMITTER: The module can also transmit any Sony SIRC infrared command. This enables your robot to communicate to other robots or you could get it to control your SONY (SIRC) infrared televisions and other (SIRC) electronic devices.

TWO LIGHT SENSORS: The module has two in- built light sensors, enabling your robot to follow light sources or hide away in shaddows for more advanced and dynamic 'artificial life' and robot gaming dimensions.

INFRARED BEACON: The Beacon command, searches for the nearest Infrared Beacons and sends back the direction of the beacon to the robot controller. This is useful as a guidance system or to locate the direction of other robots.

Infrared Control Freak uses the serial port for sending back data to the robot controller. The data contains information on Infrared Proxity Data detection, button and device codes from a Sony IR remote control.

The device is designed for robot gaming, such as robot tag, robot competiions such as maze running, micromouse, Sumo challenges, strategic robot battle games where simple inter- robot communications is required and many other reaserch areas such as artifical life and Biomimetics simulation & insect navigation behaviours, etc

One exciting feature is the really cool 'circular display' which indicate the direction of the nearest obstacle.

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Description: Infrared robot IPPD, Infrared Remote Control and Gaming Module

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