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Hi, Can someone please help me? I am looking for a good, but inexpensive microcontroller. I have my eyes on the OOPIC, OOPIC II, or the Basic Stamp II. Can someone please tell me of some cons and pros of each? I got bored of my Lego Mindtorms RCX, it is too easy to use, and little skill is required. If anyone has any, please let me know of any pros or cons about the OOPIC/OOPIC II, or the Basic Stamp I/II, or any other good microcontrollers that you know of. Please e-mail me at Thank you for your help!

So far, (11/5/02 and earlier) I got a number of e- mails, and I will post it up here if anyone wants some information about the microcontrollers, but is too shy to ask me ;-):

The First Step Microcontroller Kit at robot store comes with basic stamp 1 and a controller board for $35.00 Next Step Microcontroller also at robotstore purchase next step micro controller for $40.00 and the basic stamp 2(sold seperately) you can buy basic stamp 2 for $35.00 at parallax inc it costs $50.00 every where else.

Here are some specs on basic stamp 2:

4,000 commands per second
32 to 158 degreees farenheit
20 MHZ procceser
32 bytes RAM Program capacity
500 instructions, but you can buy more in 2,250 increments
Input Output pins: 16 all purpose, 2 serial communications
only needs 5-15vdc
only 36 TOTAL commands to memerize.
9600 BAUD serial interface
Only $49

I think the stamp is a good microcontroller for anyone. It is really useful for my robots and science projects (such as a sing/dance show). You should go to parallax and get a robot kit and some accesories (Like LEDs, Piezo buzzers, and speakers).

....i recommend a kit. The boe bot is very good, it comes with 2 servos, a chassis, 2 wheels, a basic stamp 2 micro controller, an experiment bread board, some sensors, the software, and step by step instructions(no soldering!) just build mechanical parts (very easy). The manual gives you all instructions on how to pragram, and best of all, it comes with a basic stamp 2!!More Info Here

If anyone else has any information, please email me! Thanks to all of you who e-mailed me so far!

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