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I began work prototyping a Universal Humanoid Speech Algorithm (UHSA). Based on a General Instruments SPO256 Alophone Speech Processor chip, this system is capable of processing universal speech in multiple languages, using the (ML) module. So far various developments include Russian, German, Chinese, and Japanese, with of course English. There is some additional Indian Sioux tribe language that I'd like to incoporate. This unit is a version of the Universal Translator (UT), - only binary compressed to function at higher processing times (BINcom) and with inexpensive platforms. This improvement is vast, allowing a transcendental magnitude in real time (TMRT). To rapidly test modules, a solderless breadboard is used and programming is accomplished with both hardware and software. I recently completed a humanoid web site and would consider a dedicated site for the UHSA.

Description: Unique software drives humanoid speech

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