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Parts are now garnered for the first five levels in the matrices of the BrainCube. Initial matrice coupling has been accomplished with wire interfacing, but soon to be replaced with homebuilt and designed optoelectronic phase couplers and newly built free space transportation devices - this will eliminate wires, compress the size down to a more microscopic level, and allow the introduction of light waves and lenses to replace electronic components, a plus in terms of high speed particle functioning and component elimination and reduction. As N dimensions are added to the modulus, the mathematics of the dynamics seem to grow exponentially. I have added a project phase to further develop N dimension mathematics, as needed. It is likely the power of N dimensional computing will initially exceed the humanoid walking parameters, but will assist in more complex functions such as vision recognition algorithms and AI retentive capabilities.

Description: The BRAIN-CUBE functions in n-dimensions for the greatest humanoid processing power.

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