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tired of wheels, tracks, legs, balls, wings, props,
blades, etc to get your robot around? how about gyroscopic
precession-powered levitation? propagation?

[click link above to see video]

when four gyros are placed in a certian position and spun a certain way, epicycloidal loops of mass are formed with the most concentration of mass at the top of the gyro... above the reference point of the center of gravity.

by changing the rpm ratio between the gyros and its frame, epicycloidal loops are formed causing more mass to exist above the center of gravity. once enough electrical energy is applied to the system to reach an equilibrium point [displaced mass verses total weight of system] the effects of weightlessness will be observed. adding more energy will cause the system to propagate upwards.

the entire system consists of 2 motors, 4 gyros, custom drivetrain, controller, batteries and two support frames. the system can be placed in a vacuum for greater performance. it has the potential of traveling from under water to land to air and to space with only one form of locamotion.

floating robots, jedi training droid, hover boards, flying cars, hover cities, antigravity on an I.C. chip!

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