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Living here in Japan, attending most of the Robo-One, Robo- Fight, Robo-Gong, and other robot competitions, and creating the Robots Dreams website, I've gotten the bug. So, I bought a Kondo KHR-1 bipedal humanoid robot kit, named it "Gulliver", took a two day training class at RT Corp in Akihabara, got my robot up and walking (running comes later), and started to lay out plans for some heavy modifications and improvements. My immediate goal is to attain enough performance from Gulliver to be able to compete in the KHR-1 2nd Anniversary events next month here in Tokyo. Mechanically and electrically everything is functional, so the immediate challenge is to improve the software - especially motion creation. After the KHR-1 events, assuming I'm successful, Gulliver will compete in Robo-Gong this August (2006) in Osaka followed by the Robo-One J competition in September.

Description: Bipedal robot and custom software based on the Kondo KHR-1 Platform

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