Project info for DSIBOT

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This was my first project for an autonumous robot that can be controlled by a wireless connection from the remote control or, independently run without any supervision. I'm still working on the program to give a little more independence from the controller. I used 2 Microcontrollers for each end of the system I instaled the 80C31 on the remote since I have already the board operated as a portable serial terminal, and I adapt the PIC16F84 to the robot. For the wireless connection I had a cordless phone that I retrofit to send the codes for controlling the robot's movements from a distance. The camera picture is displayed in any conventional T.V. set tuned in the channel 13. The Robot is capable of switch between independent mode and remote controlled by receiving the carrier off the air. Since the parts were taken from scrap or other project built before the cost of the robot was less than 50 US Dlls and took me about 6 months to complete the basic plataform.

Description: Assembly , PIC 16F84 80C31, 2 Touch Sensors, CCD B/W Camera, 900 Mhz Wireless Link, threaded wheels

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