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Well, a few days ago, i went to a teacher of mine, Robotics teacher, and we spoke bout few ideas for bots.. we spoke about a ffighting bot, idea i dont think somone made till now, but than we talked about doing somthing useful not just for compatitions.
AnyWays, this pentium based bot is going to run windows with a speaker, mic, I/O devices (For programming and later modification), this bot will be able of making 2d (Like xy from the sky) maps, for positning and later faster obsitclle avoidance and faster path finding.
We are in the progress of getting money..:) and writing the stuff down and scetches..
ill be glas to update this project once in a while...

Description: A pentium based bot, with text2speech, ccd, and more.

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  • Mikos is a Lead Developer.
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