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I took the BugBrain kit and put it together as a way to connect my kids' interest in the NASA Mars Rover mission to real world robotics. They are 3 and 5 years old and helped me put it together. Then I attended the Atlanta Hobby Robotics Club (AHRC) meeting and one of the members made a presentation of an IR object detection circuit. I enhanced the kit with this circuit and now BugBrain can see!

The web page has some diagrams and photos and downloadable BasicX source code. The BasicX is a pretty capable package. I used mutliple tasks to control the robot. My only gripe is that determining the 'stack size' is really tough. With only 400 bytes of total RAM, and each task taking a minimum of 32 bytes there isn't much wiggle room. My advice to someone trying to use multiple tasks is not to use BasicX strings at all - this includes the extremly useful 'Debug.print' function.

I'm pretty much "Done" with BugBrain now. It was a good kit to start with, but since I'm not a Windows person and am handy with 'C', I am going on to PIC chips for now (free samples!) and maybe will work with Atmel processors since the Linux support for development on those chips seems tto be so good.

Description: Modification of the Yost Engineering BugBrain kit

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