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 Spec Sheet
Height With body and dome; 3’6". Without body and dome; 2’ 2"
Diameter With body; 18". Without body; 17"
Speed 1 ½ feet/second; three football fields in 10 minutes
Motor-wheel range Minimum of 20 miles on a full 4  battery charge
Wheel size 13" Diameter
Microprocessor Fuzzy Logic mini itx 2 gm   2.2 Mhz processor
Memory SDRAM 1 GB
Data storage 60GB Disk  and 1 GB (Gigabyte) Compact Flash Drive
Operating system Windows Xp
Programming languages  C# ( Visual Basic Express  supported as well on the Serializer robot controller board) Microsoft Robotics Studio
Communications Wireless 802.11b (Wi-Fi) to Web, PCs, LANs and other robots
Connectivity USB, Serial, I2C and Ethernet ports and connectors
Robot control Serializer robot controller board Robotics Connection
Motor Controllers RoboteQ AX2550 dual channel 120 smart amps per channel
Batteries Four 12v33Ah gel cell batteries; 1 electronics, 3 motors (provision for a  battery for addition of robot arm)
Navigation Map-based way-point navigation,
Sensors Wheel encoders, GPS, Compass, Sonar (obstacle avoidance), Infrared, Temperature
Wheel encoder Measures/detects approximately 0.157" incremental distance traveled
Web connectivity On-board web server for serving up data and overall web accessibility
Motor-wheel configuration Two independent drive wheels (differential steering) and two casters (one spring loaded and the other offset from the ground --- able to negotiate door jams and wheel chair ramps)
Educational uses C#, programming languages, networking, wireless technology, electronics, mechanical technology
Add-ons Voice Synthesizer and Amplified Speaker

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