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Since I'm doing all the documentation on my blog, and I can't post photos and stuff here, it's best to visit the site. A quick run down: B1-66ER is my first robot from scratch, and a massive learning experience. This page will document it's progress from it's current prototype state to completion. Coming up with what I want it to do has been a challenge itself. The very basics are a no-brainer, obstacle avoidance and interaction. But what interaction? I've got a few ideas.. maybe a 'pet' of sorts. I'll improve this page when I've got a better grasp on everything. Now that it's moving on it's own, I'll be adding more modes to it. Sentry and Light Seeking come to mind. Not sure what else though. ... Goals:

  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Personal interaction of some kind
  • Self sufficient via solar power/charging station (solar will be easier I think)
  • Add bump sensors
  • Give it the ability to choose which direction is best based on it's surroundings
  • Build a Shield to get rid of the breadboard once prototyping is done
  • Headlights - Turn on/off depending on ambient light (Almost done)
  • Ability to 'look' around. At the moment the Ping))) is stationary. Maybe I'll add some IR range finders
  • Clean up the sketch, and comment the crap out of it.
  • Think of more advanced things for it to do.
  • Give it modes. Will be chosen via toggle switches. Roving mode done.
Parts(so far): Target Environment Indoors Locomotion Method Wheels Sensors / Input Devices Ultrasonic Ping))) from parallax One Bump switch Actuators / Output Devices LED's, 3 servos. Control Method Power Source Autonomous / Battery (1 9v, 4 AAA's) CPU Type Atmega168 (Arduino) Time to build Cost to build Approx ~$100 at the moment, give or take 10 bucks.

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