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autopilot is a command and control system for helicopters (and can be extended for fixed wing aircraft). It provides a three-axis EFIS and moving map on the ground station. The unmanned aerial robot has instrumentation for attitude, engine and position.

The major subproject is a three axis, six degree of freedom IMU. We've built a custom PCB with two dual axis rate gyros, two dual axis accelerometers and an Atmel AVR Mega163 microcontroller. The control board process this data through a Kalman filter, as well as handling all of the realtime tasks ( sensor readings, rate integration, INS mechanization, servo control, etc) for an embedded 486 running Linux that handles the strategic tasks.

The other major subproject is the helicopter prototype. We've built two, one based on the Lite Machines 110, an indestructable (really!) training helicopter. The other is a much larger 10cc sized Kyosho Concept 60.

To help manage the onboard systems we have recently added an engine and rotor tachometer.

We've just added a helicopter simulator to help test the AHRS and stabilization code. It's an OpenGL application that runs on Linux and allows you to fly the model with a USB joystick.

Description: autopilot is a command and control system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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