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Notes: Akipaki RIP Rakipaki is my first robotic project. The goal is to build a balancing 2-wheeled robot, mostly inspired by David P. Anderson's nBot. The project homepage has more detailed description, video of the first test run and pictures. September 27, 2005 Akipaki rev.2 has reached the state of rev.1 when it got zapped. Currently I have:

  • Working logic board with ATmega32 running at 10MHz
  • FreeRTOS adopted to use Timer 0 for scheduler ticks
  • Working i2c-display routines that can accept unblocking messages from other tasks. This is very useful for displaying debug info without delays - if module is busy, data just get skipped.
  • Working led-flashing and beeper-shrieking task that is only useful to produce menacious beeps and flashes
  • Working intialization of PID term coefficient from potentioneter inputs at startup
  • Working Timer1 module that generates PWM and direction waveforms fed to motor control module
  • Stub for PID task that measures inclination and sets PWM values and direction bits
In English it means that with power plugged, Akipaki now starts up, reads coefficients from three potentiometers, displays them briefly and enters the control loop that ticks every 4ms (250 times per second). You can tilt the main board and see how wheels rotate back and forth, the speed is proportional to inclination angle, while on the display you can read current error value (number proportional to inclination angle).

Description: Balancing 2-wheel bot

This project has the following developers:

  • svo is a Lead Developer.
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