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Note: This project was put on permanant hold, but here is what I originally wrote about it:

Having done so many R/C ROBots (RemoteOperatedBots), I am now transitioning into more autonomous applications. A.B.E.L., ABEL or Autonomous Bot Experimental Laboratory, is my hybrid working platform in which to play around with different sensors, programs and autonomous functions, while still being tethered to a human interface for monitoring activity and authorizing potentially dangerous functions.

The basis of the platform is a common (in the U.S.) kids Cozy Coupe Patrol (blue and white Police car version) plastic toy ride- on which is normally proppeled about by the feet of hyper- active toddlers. I felt this would make the robot more fun and entertaining to play with and less threatening to the neighbor kids.

The straight rear axle and wheels will be replaced with two 24V geared motors driving respective 15 cm diameter wheels, driven by a pair of IFI Victor883 ESC's. Two Hawker 12V 13Ahr SLA batteries, wired in series, will provide power to the system. The brains of ABLE will be a 486 laptop that is tied to an IFI Isaac 16 Robot controller Motherboard and 900Mhz radio modem which transmits data back to the Isaac 32 operator controller. Video from a camera is to be transmitted over a 2.4GHz link.

Once the basic mobility function is operational under modem control, sensors will be added that will keep it on the driveway and sidewalk (and off the street) and to allow it to come home when called. Other ideas are to have it play hide and seek with the kids using infrared sensors. ABEL is the good kid.

A second robot, CAIN (Cantankerous Autonomous Interactive Nuisance), the bad kid, will be developed, in parallel (using the original red and yellow Cozy Coupe)to hassle ABEL and to get in the way to draw attention to itself. CAIN refuses to stay on the sidewalk (and may get run over). They'll be programed to fight Sumo style in a confrontation, if they are not behaving.


Description: 486 Laptop, IFI Issac32/16, Robotic platform

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