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9 Feb 2005 (updated 7 Aug 2005 at 14:50 UTC) »

I have posted revision 1 of my "GRASP2 - Teleoperated Robot Arm Manual" in HTML format, available on my site: follow this link .

see ya!

15 Aug 2004 (updated 15 Aug 2004 at 17:00 UTC) »


I have just posted an article about the insides of the very-hackable robosapiens by wowwee and Mark Tilden.

The article can be found on my site: http://zodiak.f2o.org/extra.php?id_extra=23 .

This is only part I where I open most of the covers on my unit. Soon I will post the last developments.



NOTE: I wrote this entry before I knew about this: http://www.servomagazine.com/hack-a-sapien/ ahh life is so interesting!

ok, after a long time I finally decided to take the time to configure my network to allow access to GRASP2 (my teleoperated robotic arm) through the internet. From now on, if I online and feel like it, I will grant access to the web control of GRASP2. You can check if GRASP2 is controllable at any given time at my site - it will say ONLINE or OFFLINE and it will show the access link in case I online (go to http://zodiak.f2o.org).

Keep in mind that at this point this is all experimental!

See you there!

Some changes on my robot portfolio:

my pages: http://zodiak.f2o.org

1. I added the possibility of teleoperation via the internet through any browser to GRASP, the robotic arm. I have posted the howto on my pages (pdf file, 32 pages).

2. Also, I finally got the 4th servo for base rotation to work. Now GRASP has 4 DOF! Like the robot itself, the base is also built with recycled parts and this time I used a CD rack. I have also posted a simple page documenting how I built the rotating base.

The question is: when will I be able to add my extraordinary thinking machines to the robomenu? ;-)


This is my first time posting, so hi to everyone!

I'm posting a diary of how I built my latest creation (actually I'm still building it..). You can check it as I go at http://php-db.com - Follow the link on the upper right "curent projects".

I think this will be the latest wheel drive robot I will build in some time, I'm quite interested in legged locomotion and I've seen some very impressive machines on this site..

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