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Hi again,

Phineus is really starting to take shape. I designed the chassis to be modular and this makes it easier to incorporate design changes. I designed all his components using AutoCAD and take the files to a local company, which uses high pressure water to cut almost anything. The operating pressure of the cutting machine is 68K psi (.008 diameter cutting jet) and is capable of cutting up to 7-inch thick steel plate.

I have used ½ to 1/16-inch thick aluminum plate constructing Phineus, the ½ inch stock is for the drive support and arm support shoulder assemblies. Phineus is 22 inches wide (octagonal base) and 44 inches tall with the arm stowed. The arm is revolute coordinate based design and has a 25-inch reach.

Phineus uses differential drive with fully suspended fore and aft 4 inch casters. The drive wheels are almost 10-inch pneumatic wheels and the 12VDC motors use 2-stage gear reduction from approximately 2800 RPM to a final drive of 14 RPM (a torque monster!). I tested Phineus with a 200 lb. payload (me) and he had a speed of 9.5 inches per second (using no speed control....excellent autonomous speed) and each motor only consumed 700mA.

I have started to play with the BS2 and will be working on the acoustic sensors next.

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