10 Jul 2006 xcentrix   » (Journeyer)

Last Friday marked the 2nd Graduating class from Hilo Youth Robotics Summer Enrichment program.

Lots of smiles. Lots of happy parents. Lots and Lots of happy campers!

Robot Summer Camp session #3 got underway today @ 8:00 am.

Continued tweaking the dance routine for Robbie. Couldn't get as much done as I would have liked because Robbie's left shoulder and elbow servo aren't responding.

My husband, Bruce, performed surgery on his left elbow last week and replaced the servo. I was too terrified to watch. I just couldn't watch all his little innerds being splayed out like that, oh the horror!

Sometime this week Robbie has to go under the screwdriver again, this time Bruce is going to crack his breastplate to replace his left shoulder servo. It helps to have a Doctor in the house.

I think I'll take 2 Valium and blog the next day.

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