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Last Friday marked the 2nd Graduating class from Hilo Youth Robotics Summer Enrichment program.

Lots of smiles. Lots of happy parents. Lots and Lots of happy campers!

Robot Summer Camp session #3 got underway today @ 8:00 am.

Continued tweaking the dance routine for Robbie. Couldn't get as much done as I would have liked because Robbie's left shoulder and elbow servo aren't responding.

My husband, Bruce, performed surgery on his left elbow last week and replaced the servo. I was too terrified to watch. I just couldn't watch all his little innerds being splayed out like that, oh the horror!

Sometime this week Robbie has to go under the screwdriver again, this time Bruce is going to crack his breastplate to replace his left shoulder servo. It helps to have a Doctor in the house.

I think I'll take 2 Valium and blog the next day.

After pulling my hair out for a bit, I've got Robbie (my foster RoboNova 1) dancing around the house. I'll post the link to the video soon.

Video from my first attempt last month at modifying the sample template is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNs9ZxSUUuc

My son, Agyei, has been mentoring @ session 2 of the robot summer camp. 19 boys and only 1 girl in this session.

Agyei's comment regarding the boys @ the camp: if they'd stop trying to top each other and just listen, a whole lot more would get done.

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Hey! The girlz camp made the front cover of the printed Herald Tribune -- online version is not always up to date-- more pictures on our website http://www.astroday.net/HYRcamp.html (scroll all the way to the bottom for show and tell pictures!)

check out http://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/ maybe tomorrow.

22 Jun 2006 (updated 22 Jun 2006 at 08:55 UTC) »

Well, we're about to conclude the 1st session of Hilo Youth Robotics summer camp. The girlz have been very busy and wow! what they've accomplished is amazing. http://www.astroday.net/HYRcamp.html

I've spent the past few days, afternoons and nights programming Robbie, my foster Robonova bot.

My husband was so sweet, he printed out the robobasic manual for me and had it bound, which just makes life so much easier.

Checked in with Gary and all 3 summer camps are full. We are at wait list only. 60 kids confirmed and paid for.

I ran into a parent while I was out and about tonight and she said her son is running her crazy because he's in the last session which won't start until July 10. He's jonesing hard! I suggested a bioncle kit, at least he'll be occupied for a couple of hours......

2 Jun 2006 (updated 2 Jun 2006 at 21:54 UTC) »

Robotics 101: How to start a robotics club

Tonight is the big night! The Robotics 101 seminar starts @ 5:00 pm. This is my brain child and I am so excited!

During the recent AstroDay 2K6 event (www.astroday.net) we had several parents, teachers and students come up to our booth thirsty for information on how to start a robotics program. It seems everyone wanted us to come and talk at their school, to their PTA, to the parents :-) and help start a program. Well, of course the problem with that is there's only 1 of me and 1 of Gary, my partner in crime.

So in the interest of serving everyone I put together a free seminar to disseminate information and it looks like 30 people or so will show.

How cool is that!

If 3 new teams get involved in robotics (FIRST, botball, combots, j-class, sumo, ants, etc) on our side of the island then I know I will die in piece and go to that big bot arena in the sky.

Gosh! I've got chicken skin da kine! (that's local speak for goose bumps!)


8 Apr 2006 (updated 8 Apr 2006 at 07:00 UTC) »

Summer is on its way! And that means ROBOTS, ROBOTS AND MORE ROBOTS!

I'm helping put together Hilo Youth Robotics Summer educational enrichment program!

3 two-week workshops for kids 9 - 14.

The first session is for GIRLZ only! How kewl is that?

Details are on our website: http://www.astroday.net/HYR.html

I can't wait for summer!

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