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Checked in with Gary and all 3 summer camps are full. We are at wait list only. 60 kids confirmed and paid for.

I ran into a parent while I was out and about tonight and she said her son is running her crazy because he's in the last session which won't start until July 10. He's jonesing hard! I suggested a bioncle kit, at least he'll be occupied for a couple of hours......

2 Jun 2006 (updated 2 Jun 2006 at 21:54 UTC) »

Robotics 101: How to start a robotics club

Tonight is the big night! The Robotics 101 seminar starts @ 5:00 pm. This is my brain child and I am so excited!

During the recent AstroDay 2K6 event (www.astroday.net) we had several parents, teachers and students come up to our booth thirsty for information on how to start a robotics program. It seems everyone wanted us to come and talk at their school, to their PTA, to the parents :-) and help start a program. Well, of course the problem with that is there's only 1 of me and 1 of Gary, my partner in crime.

So in the interest of serving everyone I put together a free seminar to disseminate information and it looks like 30 people or so will show.

How cool is that!

If 3 new teams get involved in robotics (FIRST, botball, combots, j-class, sumo, ants, etc) on our side of the island then I know I will die in piece and go to that big bot arena in the sky.

Gosh! I've got chicken skin da kine! (that's local speak for goose bumps!)


8 Apr 2006 (updated 8 Apr 2006 at 07:00 UTC) »

Summer is on its way! And that means ROBOTS, ROBOTS AND MORE ROBOTS!

I'm helping put together Hilo Youth Robotics Summer educational enrichment program!

3 two-week workshops for kids 9 - 14.

The first session is for GIRLZ only! How kewl is that?

Details are on our website: http://www.astroday.net/HYR.html

I can't wait for summer!

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