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I suppose I should introduce myself.

My name is Jacob Everist and I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California. My life-long goal is to get robots to do automated construction and assembly in all kinds of environments. This includes indoors, in the lab, in the wild, and extra-terrestrial environments. I'm also interested in exploring various methods of robot excavation in different types of soil.

Finally, I'd like all these activities to scale up to very large projects, such as building solar-arrays in the Sahara, erecting bases on the moon, and harvesting near-earth asteriod resources for transport to Earth.

I am interested in self-reconfigurable robots, self-assembling robots, and automated robot fabrication.

I have done some work on in-space assembly, and you can see a video of last year's work here. Scroll down to "SOLAR" and the first six videos are my work. I also published a paper on it at IROS 2004 in Sendai, Japan.

I am currently working on making a smart room that can make observations and decisions using models of the brain. This work is in a very early stage and can be found here.

Finally, I founded the IRC channel #robotics on irc.freenode.net. If anyone is interested in discussing robots, design, and ideas please join us! We have a lot of experts and we're eager to share ideas.

My homepage.


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