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Deeply shocked by the incidents we decided to shorten our holliday and go back a week earlyer then planned.

Back from holliday and full of new enthousiasm.

Yesterday I started working on a new robot base. The new locomotion did not fit on the "old" base, so I decided to start building a new one.

So far I am only barely satisfied. The thing looks like a wooden brick... with wheels. Anyway, I think it is a good step towards the third base, so I learned a lot from it -- right? Willem

12 Aug 2001 (updated 12 Aug 2001 at 11:09 UTC) »

Yesterday one of the two motors of my Tamyia Twin Gear Box died. When I opened the thing I found out that two of the four brushes where completely gone.

And that while the shaft sensor motor drive feedback program was getting on pretty well! Anyway, I posted the most recent code on my site today and.... started browsing for new locomotion!

Set up a small description of my robot project. Mainly consist of a reference to the website dedicated to it.

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