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Today I posted a fully documented SONAR LIBRARY for the HandyBoard on my website. It uses the Devantech SRF04 to measure distance. The system is a-synchronious what makes it very little overhead and easy to use on your own programs.

The library consists of the following files:
sonar.asm - the assembly driver (only needed for reference and change)
sonar.icb - the compiled assembly driver (goes in the IC\libs dir)
sonar.c - the IC library (goes in the IC\libs dir)
sonar.lis - the IC list file (goas in the IC\libs dir)
test_sonar.c - an IC test program
sonar_readme.txt - documentation

Included information on the sonar SRF04 routines I have implemented on my HandyBoard, on my website.

Pffuh. That has been a long time since I've been able to proceed on my project. Anyway. Finally got the nerve to order myself some distance measuring sensors: two Sharp GP2D02 (digital IR distance measures) and two SRF04 Ultrasonic range finders. Pretty cool stuff. I have placed the GP2D02's on the left and right of the vehicle to detect proximity to walls. The sonars I put in front. So I got some software to write. For the GP2D02's I got some routines of the net, the sonars I liked to do myself. And: it works. I wrote this little assembly program to send a pulse and count the time till its return. Amazing, huh? Now I can build myself a true wanderer that doesn't run into walls. I'll put the stuff on my website for you to see and comment.

Deeply shocked by the incidents we decided to shorten our holliday and go back a week earlyer then planned.

Back from holliday and full of new enthousiasm.

Yesterday I started working on a new robot base. The new locomotion did not fit on the "old" base, so I decided to start building a new one.

So far I am only barely satisfied. The thing looks like a wooden brick... with wheels. Anyway, I think it is a good step towards the third base, so I learned a lot from it -- right? Willem

12 Aug 2001 (updated 12 Aug 2001 at 11:09 UTC) »

Yesterday one of the two motors of my Tamyia Twin Gear Box died. When I opened the thing I found out that two of the four brushes where completely gone.

And that while the shaft sensor motor drive feedback program was getting on pretty well! Anyway, I posted the most recent code on my site today and.... started browsing for new locomotion!

Set up a small description of my robot project. Mainly consist of a reference to the website dedicated to it.

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