28 May 2002 walter.anderson   » (Journeyer)

Made progress on several projects this weekend. First I downloaded, compiled, and installed XCircuit. Xcircuit is an open source Schematic Capture software. It's Xwindows based but runs well under the CYGWIN extensions on Windows 98.

I used XCircuit to create full schematics on several projects that I had made notes on in my workbook. These are an intervalometer, a photogate timer/flash trigger circuit and a complete first draft of the circuit for CIRCE- I.

I drafted a circuit board for the intervalometer using Express PCB software and miniboard service. I had extra space on the board so I included 3 small boards for mounting a Hamatsu P5587 Photoreflector, it's required external components and a small header for attaching to a master circuit board.

I have also begun wire-wrapping both the CIRCE-I circuit and the photogate timer/flash trigger circuits.

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