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The pc boards from ExpressPCB arrived on friday. I cut them apart and assembled the Intervalometer and the two wheel encoder boards.

I tested the Intervalometer and the board appears to perform as expected. I used my new WARP-13 programmer for the first time burning the code for the intervalometer. The ability to burn code from MPLAB is great. I'll probably toss out my old Parallax programmer.

After spending most of Saturday refining the intervalometer code I have begun reverse engineering the Olympus Remote Control RC-200 to allow the intervalometer to emulate this trigger mechanism, instead of using the micro servo trigger for the EPIC. The system appears to use two pulse groups repeated three times. I want to keep taking samples.

28 May 2002 (updated 28 May 2002 at 21:18 UTC) »

Made progress on several projects this weekend. First I downloaded, compiled, and installed XCircuit. Xcircuit is an open source Schematic Capture software. It's Xwindows based but runs well under the CYGWIN extensions on Windows 98.

I used XCircuit to create full schematics on several projects that I had made notes on in my workbook. These are an intervalometer, a photogate timer/flash trigger circuit and a complete first draft of the circuit for CIRCE- I.

I drafted a circuit board for the intervalometer using Express PCB software and miniboard service. I had extra space on the board so I included 3 small boards for mounting a Hamatsu P5587 Photoreflector, it's required external components and a small header for attaching to a master circuit board.

I have also begun wire-wrapping both the CIRCE-I circuit and the photogate timer/flash trigger circuits.

19 May 2002 (updated 23 May 2002 at 17:12 UTC) »

I have finished assembling the CMUcam and successfully testing the system. This will serve as one of the two primary sensors for navigation purposes. These navigation sensors will be two CMUcams and a Polaroid sonar sensor to provide binocular vison, supplemented by sonar.

I have also finished assembly of two Devantech SRF04 sonar sensors to function as forward looking collision detectors.

I received the JStamp development station this week and plan on spending a little time experimenting with it. One or more of these JStamp modules will serve as the computation platform for the higher level functions on CIRCE-II.

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