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The recent article about how a Russian general is claiming the U.S. guided their satellite into the Russian satellite should definitely be taken with many grains of salt.

Does anyone else question the credibility of a Russian General (ret.) talking about a US conspiracy to take out foreign satellites in the State-owned Russian news agency? If you don’t, you probably should. This sounds like nothing but Russian propaganda, to me. For the hearing impared, it smells and looks like it, too.

Sure, a (very) loosely related DARPA program may have existed, but let’s not take their state-owned word for it when they say the program’s purpose was to go out and destroy other satellites.

We’d probably never know for sure if it really was a secret US Military test. Remember, just because the odds were long doesn’t make it impossible. It makes it unlikely. Sometimes unlikely things happen.

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First blog post here. I find this site has a lot of good links to robotics projects. Real interesting stuff. -tralfam

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