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Well, The holidays are upon us and wet cold weather prevails. What does this mean to robot builders? More time for building!!!! If you're anything like me, you've collected parts and pieces over the summer with big plans of building or adding to a robot. My stockpile is high and I've got my hands in more robot projects than any sane Roboteer should. What I need to do is sort out my projects and list them in the order of precedence, then stick with each one till they're either finished or I run out of parts. My New Years resolution is to finish many of the projects that have hung in the background for the last several years. * My Biped SAMM needs arms, a head and sensor input. * I've had many plans for Little Johnny; he will get a lot of attention over the next year. Speech, head servo, LED mouth piece, compass, body elevator motors, and lots of work on his programming. * Romulus needs attention in its programming and a few more Sharp sensors added for better maze solving ability. * My Trache' bot needs a plastic molded servo mount, sonar hooked up, whistle response circuit and the Sumo11 controller mounted properly. The thing is, I have everything I need to do the above, I just need to do it. I wonder if I'm the only one who procrastinates... I think it's because all of the above projects have some type of hurdle to overcome, some barrier that has discouraged me from moving forward. My New Years resolution revolves around overcoming the hurdles and pushing forward. Something I was always told by my grandpa as I was growing up is "Where there's a Will, there's a way!" Can anybody tell me where I can find Will? -Dan Gates

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