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Korea is developing Cheap network robot companions that will be available starting this fall...

iRobot Corp. is adding weapons to the Packbot.

The company also is talking up hacking the Roomba and other Packbot doodads, like sniper and chemical weapons detection, at the Robobusiness Conference in Pittsburgh.

Korea has unveiled new military battlebots

iRobot wins a $64 million defense contract for its Packbot bomb disposal robot, a week after a $65 million contract was awarded for Foster- Miller's Talon robot.

iRobot appears to be developing a laundry folding robot, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

iRobot has now sold 2 million Roombas

The Germans are refusing to let U.S.-based robots compete in their bomb-disposal competition: Germans diss PackBot

Military experts are fearing a new breed of flying robots could give terrorists a deadly new tool: Flying Robots: A new terrorist threat?

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