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iRobot has released the NEW Roomba 570, Roomba 560, Roomba 530 and Roomba 510 robots!!! Many, many improvements on the old Roombas. Pics and details at the link.

iRobot has confirmed that they will launch a third generation of the famed Roomba robot vacuum later this year, Robot Stock News reports. The new Roombas are expected to feature improved reliability and a Lighthouse feature so they automatically know which rooms they have cleaned.

iRobot will launch a new programmable robot it is calling the "future of consumer robotics" at CES, Robot Stock News is reporting. (Hilarious video invitation is at the link!)

iRobot has released a new Roomba derivative called the "Dirt Dog" for garages and shop floors, alongside a new Roomba for Pets.

Forbes say iRobot is developing a robotic lawnmower!

We've had hints of this in the past, but this would be great news...

iRobot Corp. (IRBT) posted better-than-expected 2nd Quarter results on the strength of Roomba, Scooba and PackBot robots. The link includes all the details from the company's conference call, including new plans for an explosive sniffer for PackBot, the bomb disposal robot on station in Iraq.

iRobot has launched a new black Roomba with a dust bin detector that lets you know when you need to empty it.

iRobot has also launched a new, lower-end Scooba, called the Scooba 5800.

Korea is developing Cheap network robot companions that will be available starting this fall...

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