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I am working on a new LISP program for Robot Betty9 that will allow my robot to spout forth poetry and not just any poetry, but poetry based upon how she is feeling at the time based on conversations she has had. In other words, if she is a bad mood, her word choices will be on the negative side. If she is happy or perhaps even "in love", words of love will emanate from her digital lips.

This new program will be merged with my Leaf code. (See "Leaf the AI Robot", www.leafproject.org.)

Also, I have purchased a new servo interface board, the SD84. I intend to use it for better control of her servos.

Her power roller skates are working, but using VEX servos was a bad idea. They barely pull her around on a flat surface. I need to upgrade the servos to about triple the torque and use metal gears and chain. Just time and money, but mostly time (and money.) :)

== Thomas

Happy New Year 2011 Everyone!

I've been working on many things this last year and all have related to robotics and especially to my life-size fembot Robot Betty9. She now has a new head and a new neck. I love to "re-purpose" hardware and as such I am using a neck from the Wowwee Chimp. Kind of a mad scientist sort of thing if you think about it, but hey, it works. This new year I intend to give her AI an overhaul. Wish me luck.

Last week programmed Robot Betty9 to sing Auld Lang Syne in celebration of 2011. She is using Vocaloid which although not perfect, does the job.

Here is the link:


So Betty and I wish you a fantastic 2011!


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