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I uploaded a bunch of pictures of my robot I built last year and one of our US First Regional champion robot...

http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0011.jpg

http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0012.jpg

http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0018.jpg


http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0078.jpg


http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0088.jpg

http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0032.jpg

http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/robot_assy1.jpg

http://img12.photobucket.com/alb ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/Robot1_assy.jpg

http://img12.photobucket.com/albums/v31 /theymightberudy/robots/2003.jpg

all are of the robot I made to be a cheap robot platform. This incarnation was designed to drive down an airvent and take an air sample. meanwhile doing an assortment of things, like using stepper motors to track distances which is logged in the software, use the camera to look around. And the software had an assortment of autonomous modes where you could input a sieries of moves and have the bot perform them, also I had sharp gpd12 (not pictured) infrared rangers for avoidance detection and room mapping. I had plans for an array of other attachments but never got around to building them.

The last picture is the robot we made to win the UCF regional championship last year.

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