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My first diary entry here on robots.net

My first experience with robotics was an attempt to make a small robug I found the schematic for at endtas.com.I built the thing exactly as the schematic said, but even after breadboarding the circuit over a dozen time, it wouldn't work. I then figured I'd build something using a PIC16F84A since I had some (allthough very little) experience with that. I use the JAL language (Voti's JAL pages)
My knowledge in electronics is limited and what little I do know, is self-taught. I learn quick and the working bug I have made so far is based on the idea of probug from endtas.com. The code, schematic and everything else is made by myself.

My next project now, is to use a bit more power 4-6AA cells, a bit more powerful motors, and a real base for the bot. I'm also trying to teach myself, by reading online articles and guides, how to make an IR obastacle avoidance cirucit. I have little access to new parts, because parts are very expensive and delivery time is long here in Norway. Most of the parts I've used so far have been taken from discarded electronics. Transistors, resistors and PIC's I've bought, to make sure best performance.

If anyone here reads this, and have links to good guides/tutorials or just want to say hi. Please feel free to drop me a a note on mail at:
geir <AT> linuxboxonline <DOT> net

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