12 May 2007 tbenedict   » (Master)

Shallow Blue lost at UNI. Not that I was entertaining any huge hopes, but I confess to feeling a little disappointed I went out that early. (Of course I lost to 2Strong2Bad, which was pretty cool to see no matter what.) Already planning for next year. But after watching the ExSpurt Mule matches, I'm pretty sure I'll lose next year, too. Bring it on!

On another note I finished my first real honest to goodness robot using the Pololu Robotics Orangutan controller. It's a line follower I've had on my bench for months called Speedy. To be honest the Orangutan is massive overkill for the project, and I was planning to use a Baby-Orangutan (which weighs a measly 3g). But my Baby-O is tied up in another project, and I had to get it finished by Monday for a club meeting.

I learned something in the process: When you're tuning a new PID loop, ALWAYS make sure your batteries are up to snuff. I did all my tuning with a 9V depleted to 6V (little did I know), so the tuning was disappointing, the speed even more so. A battery swap this morning put a smile on my face when I saw the higher speed it was getting, and made me laugh when I thought of the time I spent yesterday doing loop tuning. Anyway, it should be a fun day of tuning.


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