4 Apr 2007 tbenedict   » (Master)

Lots has happened since the 0.2 release of Orangutan-lib. I got my ThereminVision II system, and managed to barf things up before I ever got it running (adding "Don't solder chips onto boards at 5am before I get my coffee" to the list of don'ts). I'm hoping a little creative re-soldering and maybe part replacement will get the beastie up and running. Can't wait!

In other news the last of the parts for my line follower showed up. I'm re-designing the motor mounts and bot chassis to cut weight. It's already a little too over-budget on weight for my liking. If I can shave things down under 150g with battery, I'll be happy. (If I can swap batteries and get it down under 120g, I'll be a lot happier.) I'm already looking at making custom wheels for it. Trying to get those in under 5g apiece, with tire. Only time will tell.

I'm working on the software tx-only UART code for Orangutan-lib. Doesn't look like it should be too heinous, but I'd like to leave the option open for defining more than one. This will take some testing. Might be time for another release soon!

My line follower will be the first robot I build that uses Orangutan-lib, so I'm pretty stoked to see how it turns out. The next one is going to be a downhill racer, project to be announced. And once the ThereminVision II stuff is up and running, the mini-sumo that it's destined to run on will also run on Orangutan-lib. Proof's in the pudding. Hope it all works!


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