2 Mar 2007 tbenedict   » (Master)

Things I've learned while working on Orangutan-lib:

* It pays to have spares: I managed to damage my one Orangutan while testing motor code. Waiting on the mail.

* It pays to do range checking: My first pass at R/C servo code didn't do any range checking because "it added too much overhead" (my own words to myself when I made that bone-headed decision.) Har de har har! The first time I passed it an out of range value it stripped gears. (My servo code now does range checking.)

* It doesn't pay to do electronics when you're sick: Loose wire. Live power. Bad judgment. Melted plastic. 'Nuff said.

* It pays to breadboard: I *thought* that resistor network I had was the type with a common ground. Luckily I learned it wasn't before I soldered anything down.

* It doesn't pay to do software development when you're sick: No melted plastic, but lots of "Aroo?" moments. Which leads me to...

* It pays to do version control: Several times now I've backed out my "Aroo?" moments by checking out a previous rev of my source. Subversion is cool!

All in all the past few weeks have been entertaining. I've learned a lot, built a lot, programmed a fair bit, and can't wait to get over this cold and go to the post office.


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