26 Jan 2007 tbenedict   » (Master)

It's my first foray into the wonderful world of Sourceforge! I moved the Orangutan AVR library over to Sourceforge, and will continue development and support over there. The supported command set is still pretty small, but it's enough to make a robot move about and sense what's going on in the world around it:


The re-write on the library and examples is complete, so I'm back to developing new code. Command sets in the pipe include servo control, quadrature encoder feedback, and count up / count down timers. The timer code is being debugged, and the servo code is next.

Once I have working servo code and timer code, the next trick is to get a Mark III chassis, motors, wheels, sensors, and Tigerbotics tires, and see if I can make an Orangutan-based Mark III that can out-wit my existing Mark III. After that, I'll finish the 4WD rolling chassis I've been holding off on, move the sensors over to that, and go from there.


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