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No real update on the Orangutan library. At the suggestion of Jan on the Pololu forums, I took a side tangent to turn all my earlier notes and code snippets into a series of single-file examples for how to make the Orangutan do a specific task. The idea isn't to make the library unnecessary, but to give people examples that explain how things are working "under the hood" so to speak, so if the library doesn't quite fit their needs, they know how to start tweaking (and why!) Five examples so far, plus the library itself. Now I need to replicate those examples for the library!

In any case here's where it's living:

Orangutan Library & Examples

I'll likely start this as a project as well. I've got enough of the library done to finish Speedy, my line follower. So hopefully some day soon I'll get back on that one.

Another project that's coming up is a microcontroller controlled underwater ROV. It'd still be a remotely operated vehicle, but with smarts on board the tether can be a lot lighter, and it's easier to expand the ROV's capabilities. (Want temperature sensing? Plug one in!)

Protacraft is about to start selling neutrally buoyant tether cable with two 14AWG power wires and 3 twisted pairs in it for $2US per foot. This would be a perfect tether for what I'm thinking of. With the Orangutan library coming along, the addition of serial I/O routines would let me use an Orangutan at the top and a Baby-O at the bottom. With SPI routines added to the library, I could install more A/D ports than I could reasonably use.

But that's a project for another day.


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