27 Dec 2006 tbenedict   » (Master)

Orangutan / Baby-Orangutan Library -

I'm a lot further along on the library for the Orangutan / Baby-Orangutan from Pololu. It's written for use with AVR Studio 4, but any WinAVR or GCC for Atmel setup should be able to compile it (it's all GCC, in any case).

So far digital I/O, bitfield mapping of the I/O and control registers, analog, PWM motor control, and LCD code for the full sized Orangutan are all done. Still to be done are serial I/O, SPI (I have help on this one), I2C, the buzzer on the Orangutan, and servo control.

The same code runs on both boards. For the Baby-O, just disable the LCD, pushbuttons, buzzer, etc. At the moment compiled size is about 632 bytes for the Baby-O and 1124 for the Orangutan. With 16k of code space available, this still leaves lots of room for the user program.


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