23 Nov 2006 tbenedict   » (Master)

I know this is a pretty simplistic thing to post in my blog, but my Baby Orangutan board showed up in the mail yesterday, and today I finally jumped through all the hoops and got the AVR Studio 4 setup working. (Not that many hoops to jump through, actually... just need to make sure all aspects of the IDE know what device you're using.)

I loaded my first program, the "hey, I have an LED!" equivalent of "Hello, World!": a heartbeat. So for $30 for the device, $34 for the programmer, a few minutes of soldering and about an hour of scratching my head, I have a blinky light.

Nice thing is the blinky light has a dual H-bridge that can drive an amp per channel, eight channels of 10-bit A/D, and ten channels of digital I/O waiting to be thrown at a new task: a well behaved fast line follower.

Work on Speedy begins!


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