2 Nov 2006 tbenedict   » (Master)

I'm freezing mechanical changes on Shallow Blue until after the Hilo Robofest competition. I made a second set of mechanical bits for my wife's robot, Black Dolphin. The last electrical mod should be done tonight: swapping to a LiPoly battery. I've ordered most of the bits and pieces for Speedy, the line follower I've (not) been working on. The only remaining part still un-ordered is a Baby Orangutan from Pololu. I hope to have the mechanics done by the time the Orangutan shows up.

Depending on how Speedy goes, I'll probably buy another Baby Orangutan for Mule, a 4WD chassis I'm building out. It'll fit inside the mini-sumo size constraints, but I'm thinking more in terms of projects with wider scope: maze, firefighting, mapper, etc. But it'll start life as a mini-sumo for debugging hardware since it's a role I'm familiar with.

Once these are done, that closes out my open robotics projects. Which will open the door to new things! Already people in our club are kicking around some larger ideas: slocum gliders, robo magellan, even talk of an entry in NASA's lunar lander competition (yikes!) But at least I'll have more bench space in my shop to take some of these on.

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