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Our club had its third meeting last week. Two mini sumo robots and two line-followers (with one doing double-duty). There was a lot of enthusiasm for the mini sumo competition, and it looks like we'll have more active builders over the next month. Four people have declared an intention to, and two have already purchased hardware. I'm hoping we can hook a fifth.

I'm building a second mini-sumo, a stock Mark III, which I'll be using to tune up new changes to Shallow Blue. Once that's done the sensors and boards will be ripped off the new 'bot so the 4WD platform I'm building out can be finished. Not sure if that'll happen by the next meeting, but I can hope.

The rest of the stripped Mark III, a chassis two servos and two wheels, will be outfitted with an R/C receiver for remote control ala Battlebots. This isn't in an effort to develop an R/C mini sumo class, but as a way to get people interested in the club. We've got two public appearances coming up in December, and being able to hand someone a transmitter and say, "Want to try your hand against an autonomous robot?" may possibly draw new people into the club. Have to see.

The rest of the meeting went well. It looks like we may have a FIRST Robotics team forming up in town, and there was a call for mentors. There should also be several Ballbot teams forming up before January, and possibly at least one underwater ROV team as well. In addition it looks like we're getting a fair number of "big kids" interested in tackling some larger projects. Should be a busy year!

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