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In response to svo's post about the steam engine (nice engine, by the way!) I'd say a good, solid confirmed on that one! My first steam engine was made entirely on the lathe, not using a mill at all, even for all the little rectangly bits and drill patterns. So it's nice to see the opposite situation holds true as well.

So here's a challenge... First, some background:

A recent series of articles in Machinist's Workshop (or Home Shop Machinist... I take both and don't distinguish much between them) described a 4-cycle gas engine called the EVIC Twin. What sets this thing apart is that it uses electronic solenoids for the valves, and is entirely controlled (throttle and all) from a PIC.

Now for the challenge:

An oscillating steam engine isn't the most efficient piece of equipment on the planet. (My first steam engine was an oscillator, too.) This is why oscillating engines were almost never used on locomotives. This is also why all manner of valve gear was developed over the years. So if the idea of the EVIC was extended to steam, and a steam engine was put entirely under microprocessor control, what would such a beastie be like?

Any takers? Anyone actually want to build one?

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