23 Aug 2006 tbenedict   » (Master)

Our club had its second meeting. Bigger turnout, and three mini sumo bots (including mine). Shallow Blue got its butt thoroughly kicked. I've got a list of changes to make before the next meeting: one software, one hardware, and one electronic. Good mix.

Turns out there aren't rules for the line following event yet, so I'm planning for right angle turns on the high speed line follower I'm making. People laughed when I said I was after two meters per second. Fine by me. I doubt I'll reach that. But it's good to have a goal, and it'd be a riot if I could hit that, even if it's only on the straightaways.

The club issued two challenges to its members: Make a robot that can track a straight black line across a white field, and/or make a robot that'll stay on a table. One, of course, is in preparation for building a line-follower. The other, of course, is to get people thinking about how to keep a mini-sumo bot in the ring.

The next meeting should be fun!


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