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Devolution :: machine descriptions

http://www.adt.org.au/page/default.asp?site=1&page=588&id=588 [sorry, can't find many pics!]

Light Scaffolds:

Three large structures hung from tracks across the ceiling. Each segmented into three rectangular frame boxes containing spots, linked by a system of pistons that could be maneuvered individually, as well as along the tracks..

These would move according to the action happening onstage, lighting and often interacting with the dancers.

Light pylons:

Lights attached to articulated arms that would move and strobe. These mainly functioned as directional lighting.


chittering six legged creatures moving across the stage counterpointed by a lone naked human at the centre. long power cables going up to the ceiling, gradually drag bugs back and into air where they spin, two to an axis, sometimes colliding.

Large Mobile Claws: Two eight [six?] legged machines with a central jointed articulated arm with claw like appendage and lights. moves, interacts with dancers, then seem to interact with each other, move back to position.

Ceiling Column: extends from ceiling with lights on the end, jointed and flexible, like a caterpillar.


Several kinds.. back 'whip' extension, would move independently on a system of small pistons as the dancer threw herself about.

Leg extensions moved in choreography as the dancer held himself in a headstand coming off the feet [the dancer got into position by dragging himself across the stage].

chest and arm extensions, several people wore these and the extensions moved in sync.

In total, the effect of the extensions was to 'extend' the human bodies in unusual ways, forcing the dancers to incorporate and move with the machinic phylum into their own flesh..

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