30 Sep 2005 svo   » (Master)


I tuned the PID loop. It's far from optimal, I'm sure, but it works. I think it could really help if I tried to refresh control theory and physics (or even, more honestly, finally learn what I was taught many years ago), but how can you read books when you have a screwdriver and an agile mad robot to tweak?

Watch the video. It's about 5 mins long and mostly boring, although it has some funny moments. Yet it's worth a look if you're contemplating a cheap balancing robot.

MPEG, 32Mb WMV, 5Mb

I use the same old chassis, lobo servos, same h-bridge board. The servos are not bad, but I have a suspicion that they don't have enough torque to balance with batteries. As of now, Akipaki is fed 9V by wire (red). The power supply is too weak for 2 motors, probably with batteries they will be even more evil.

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